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We've set up an e-mail group,, as a way for members to easily discuss Huggers events, for delivery of the monthly newsletter and for special notices from Committees or from the Board of Directors.  You must be an active Huggers Ski Club member to participate in the Huggers e-mail exchange.  You can adjust delivery options or unsubscribe whenever you like.

Upon joining Huggers Ski Club, the e-mail address that you provide with your membership information will be automatically added to and you'll then begin receiving and be able to send messages.

Members may use the e-mail group to notify other members of matters like changes to scheduled events or to invite members to join them on impromptu outings.

If you have questions or are having problems with Huggers email, please review the information below.

Not receiving HSCMail messages?  Check the following:

Check your spam or junk mail folder. If any of the messages there are from HSCMail or, then you need to change your email settings. Note that the subject of messages from the group is prefixed with [HSCMail]

Click here to go to GoogleGroups - log in if necessary.  If you don't see something like the example below then your email address hasn't yet been added.  Click the link at "To Subscribe" below on this page.


From the e-mail account you wish to use to receive Huggers Ski Club mail, click this link to send a message that contains your name and phone number.  Note that it may take a day or two before your request is approved after which time you should begin seeing messages in your email.

Go to GoogleGroups - log in if necessary.  From the example above, click on the box that says "All email".  Select one of the other options that suits you.  Note that you can change this option whenever you wish to stop receiving messages to your personal email.  Note that "Don't send email updates" means that you must go to GoogleGroups or to the HSCMailpage of this website to read messages.

Complete the Member List Change Request Form for all changes and/or additions you'd like to make to your contact information.  The Membership Chairperson will receive and respond to your request.

Go to or on this website, go to the HSCMail Archive.

If you have other questions about or problems with the Huggers Ski Club GoogleGroup mail, click this link to update your contact infoBe sure to include your full name, phone number, and the e-mail address(es) with which you're having problems. You may also leave a comment or ask a question using the link at the bottom of this page.

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