Sharing Photo Albums

If you have photos that you've taken of Hugger's events or trips that you'd like to share on this website, read on...

  • Photos must be grouped together in specific albums or collections.
  • Albums should be named in a way that clearly identifies the event; including the year of the event is recommended. For example, "Huggers Booneville XC Ski Trip - 2019"
  • The photo album must be stored on your account for one of the following (free) resources:
  • Remove duplicates and any photos that might be considered inappropriate
  • On the Comment page of this website, select the "I have Hugger's photos I'd like to share" option and provide your name, email address and in the Comment field, provide a link to the photos. Click the "I'm not a robot" button and then the Submit button

Note that using the method as described above will result in the display of photos in an album that only you may add to or remove from.

After you've prepared the photo album and have submitted a link to it on the Comments page your album will be reviewed and added to the Photos page.

NOTE that once published here, if you CHANGE THE PHOTOS the album in any way, they will be automatically removed from this site. This is because by changing the album at the source, its identity is changed which, therefore, breaks the link to this site.

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