Looking For Someone To Bike With?

Who we are: We are a group of adult cyclists of all skill levels, interested in sharing the fun and excitement of outdoor bicycling. See our biking brochure for details. If you can't access the brochure, please see further instructions at the bottom of this page.

What we do: We host local rides and out of town bicycling outings each year. We have an extensive schedule of local rides from April-October. Most rides are 1.5-3 hours depending on how far and how long you choose to ride. Rides may range from 10 flat miles to 100 hilly miles, so there's something for all ability levels. A typical ride might have 3 routes of different lengths, so you have a choice of how far you want to ride. After the ride we tailgate with snacks and beverages so you get to know everybody, not just the people you rode with. Some rides also feature an optional potluck dinner after, and some are hosted at homes or cottages. Our members also organize impromptu rides based on weather conditions (including before and after our typical season), which are communicated to club members via e-mail. Each year we host several out-of-town cycling weekends at a reasonable cost to locations within New York State, Pennsylvania, and Canada.

Wouldn't you rather be outside enjoying nature and seeing new sights than inside at the gym? In addition to the camaraderie and beauty of an outdoor bike ride, you'll enjoy great exercise. Once you have a bike and a helmet, it's an inexpensive sport. Area rides are held throughout Monroe County, surrounding counties, and the Finger Lakes. So, in addition to having a variety of ride lengths, there are locations convenient for everyone.

What if I've never done it before? Some of our rides are flat and perfect for beginners and others are hilly and challenging. Our schedule will help you decide what's a good fit for your ability, or you're welcome to call for advice. At each ride, we naturally split into small groups based on ability, and as you get better you'll have even more people to ride with. We have a ride sign-in sheet to insure everyone who started has returned.
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