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You've landed on this page either because you'd like information about joining our Club or because you attempted to access content on this site to which you don't have access.

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Membership in the Club is for one year from 1 June through 31 May. Note that membership in Huggers Ski Club is separate from registering for this website. Anyone may join the Club and anyone may register for the website but only active Club members can access member-only content on this website.

Annual Dues:
The Club fiscal year is 1 June through 31 May of the following year.  Annual membership dues are $30 with the following exceptions.

  • For new members who join in January, February or March, dues for the remainder of the current membership period will be $20.
  • For new members who join during the period from April through December, dues through May of the next year will be $30.
  • For existing members who renew during April and May (before June 1st), dues for the next membership year will be $20.
  • Note that for existing members who fail to renew during April and May (before June 1st) of a membership year, their membership will expire and they will need to rejoin for $30.

Method of Payment: You may pay your membership fee in person at our General Meeting, with a check by mail (see information below), on-line with PayPal or by scanning the appropriate QR code with your smartphone or tablet.

PayPal provides the button(s) below as a convenient way to pay your membership fee.  In order to offset Paypal's surcharge to the Club, $1 per member will be added to the renewal fee and $2 per member to the new member fee.
NOTE: When joining or renewing for MORE than one person, please be sure to provide name, address and phone for EACH membership.
NOTE: If you wish to use PayPal to pay your Huggers Ski Club dues you MUST use our portal by clicking the PayPal button, below.

-- Disclaimer --

“The Huggers Ski Club, Inc. (HSC) and its directors, officers and representatives are not liable for any losses, damages, or claims arising from any personal injury or property damage that may occur during or in relation to any HSC activity, event or trip.  All participants acknowledge, accept and are bound by all terms and conditions of event contract(s).”

Join now for $32 and you'll enjoy membership benefits for the remainder of current membership period.

Pay By Check:
If you pay by mail, PLEASE click here to download the printable membership form. Complete the form and be sure to include your full name, full address, phone number, email address and your date of birth.Make checks payable to: Huggers Ski Club, Inc.
Mail your check and completed membership form to:

Kathy Serow
38 Cider Creek Circle
Rochester, NY 14612

Join at a General Meeting:
Join us at a General Meeting and join there!  Refer to the events calendar for the next General Meeting.

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