Event Leader Forms

Event Leader Forms

For details of and to reserve event lodges and shelters in Monroe County, NY, visit the Monroe County Parks & Recreation website at https://www.monroecounty.gov/mcparks/

The Event Sign-in / Release Form in the list below must be signed by all attendees of any Huggers Ski Club sponsored event before participating in and upon completion of the event.

Following the event, the event coordinator must submit the form to the appropriate Committee Chairperson or Board-Member-At-Large as identified at the bottom of the form.

Note that the form now contains QR (Quick-Response) Codes that may be scanned with a smartphone or tablet.  The QR codes will direct the potential member or existing member to Paypal to either join the Club or to renew their existing membership.

The "HSC_PlacardForEvents.pdf" may be downloaded, printed and displayed at ANY event where anyone might like to know "Is this group the Huggers Ski Club?" or might wonder "What's the name of your group?". Event leaders, print out a copy and use it as a cover sheet on your event sign-in sheet clipboard!

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