Join the Club!!

Huggers Ski Club eagerly welcomes anyone 21 years or older to become a member and join us at our many events, outings, and on trips.

Benefits: Membership in the Club offers many benefits including:

  • Member rates on trips and other events
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Member-to-member e-mail
  • Access to member-only content on this site
  • Contact list of active members

Trips are offered to members before they're offered to the general public.  Members not only get a lower rate on trips and other Club events but have a better chance of finding available spots.  The monthly newsletter provides details of upcoming trips & events and reports of the previous months trips and events. Exchanging e-mail with other members will let you know about the many events that come up on short notice.

Membership runs from June 1 to May 31. The club’s membership list including addresses and phone numbers is available to active members. All information is strictly confidential. Member information is never shared with or sold to anyone else for any reason — no exceptions.

As an active member, there are a number of ways to stay informed of our many activities:

Thank you!

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