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As a ski club we've been around Rochester, NY for more than 40 years but members also very actively enjoy a wide range of year-round group activities in the Rochester and upstate New York area. Come join us for downhill and cross country skiing, bicycling, kayaking and canoeing, snowshoeing, camping, picnics, casual and formal dinners, happy-hours, and much more. Throughout the year we also have many group trips around New York State, around the country and around the world.

We're a mix of men and women, both singles and couples, skiers and non-skiers alike. Some of our most active members don't ski at all. You might think of us as the Huggers Ski, Outdoor Recreation, and Social Club. We offer fun times for everyone 21 years or older.

Come join us at one of our events or at a General Meeting to find out how much you'll enjoy being a member of our Club!  Click on the links below to:

Our Club is very active.  Likewise, this website will change frequently with the changing seasons, with new content, additional links... who knows!  So please check back often!


    My wife is interested in outdoor recumbent biking. I am interested in downhill skiing again. This club was recommended to me. However, this website points to a General Mtg, most 2nd Thursdays, & the Calendar. There is nothing on the calendar about General Mtgs, or a phone # to call. What’s up? – Dick Schild

    • Frank Lucas says:

      Hi Richard. Thanks for pointing out the discrepancy regarding General meetings. We need to get that language fixed to match current conditions. A couple of years ago we we changed our by-laws to eliminate mandatory monthly general meetings, instead adopting a quarterly schedule with flexible dates, as a cost savings measure since monthly interest and attendance were dwindling. We now combine most of our general meetings with a major season kick-off or wrap up event, holiday party, summer picnic, etc. We’ve obviously never cleaned this administrative issue up. The calendar will show those major events, but there is a non-member fee of $8 to attend since we are providing subsidized perks for our members at most of them.
      The lack of personal phone numbers to the general public on our web site is intentional, as a privacy /security measure. Once you joint the club however , you have access to membership and Board member lists which generally include phone numbers.

  2. carl dicesare says:

    I am looking forward to joining your club

  3. Patricia Northrup says:

    Would like to join your club, who do I contact.

  4. maureen rowley says:

    Could You let me know cost and address of Garnet Hill trip? Thanks Maureen Rowley

    • Tony and Donna Manicone says:

      Regarding the Feb 2015 trip-
      $150 total, includes:
      • 3 nights in a rustic Great Camp Lodge
      • All meals
      • Access to XC ski trails
      Plus we ask volunteers to make a soup, stew, chili, etc, for which they’re reimbursed.
      This year’s trip is full, but if you want, I could put you on a waiting list, so long as you are a club member; let me know.
      Tony Manicone

      If you’d like to contact Tony about this trip, please refer to the Membership list for his email address.

    • Tony and Donna Manicone says:

      I just realized that Maureen was asking about LAST year’s trip, and my reply wasn’t entirely accurate-
      It’s still all true, except that my statements refer to Feb 2015 trip, not 2014…

  5. I manage 3 beautiful lodges in the Finger Lakes Region. The Lodge On Canadice Lake, The Lodge At Springwater and Sky Lodge in Victor, NY. You may view each at our website Any one of them would be the perfect, warm, cozy end of day retreat for a group. My direct phone number is 585-465-5013 Thank you for your consideration. Diane

  6. cliff gollus says:

    Is Pedal Power still alive? I was trying to see fi anyone was riding this weekend.

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