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As a ski club we’ve been around Rochester, NY for more than 40 years but members also very actively enjoy a wide range of year-round group activities in the Rochester and upstate New York area. Come join us for downhill and cross country skiing, bicycling, kayaking and canoeing, snowshoeing, camping, picnics, casual and formal dinners, happy-hours, and much more. Throughout the year we also have many group trips around New York State, around the country and around the world.

We’re a mix of men and women, both singles and couples, skiers and non-skiers alike. Some of our most active members don’t ski at all. You might think of us as the Huggers Ski, Outdoor Recreation, and Social Club. We offer fun times for everyone 21 years or older.

Come join us at one of our events or at our General Meeting (2nd Thursday of most months) to find out how much you’ll enjoy being a member of our Club!

Our Club is very active. ¬†Likewise, this website will change frequently with the changing seasons, with new content, trip reports, additional links… who knows! ¬†So please check back often!

  1. carl dicesare says:

    I am looking forward to joining your club

  2. Patricia Northrup says:

    Would like to join your club, who do I contact.

  3. maureen rowley says:

    Could You let me know cost and address of Garnet Hill trip? Thanks Maureen Rowley

  4. I manage 3 beautiful lodges in the Finger Lakes Region. The Lodge On Canadice Lake, The Lodge At Springwater and Sky Lodge in Victor, NY. You may view each at our website Any one of them would be the perfect, warm, cozy end of day retreat for a group. My direct phone number is 585-465-5013 Thank you for your consideration. Diane

  5. cliff gollus says:

    Is Pedal Power still alive? I was trying to see fi anyone was riding this weekend.

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